Cheetos is slowly taking over all your favorite food items

Cheetos is apparently on an all-out desperation mode to build new bridges. They have already tied up with Burger King and Taco Bell and these associations are going to give us Mac n’ Cheetos and Cheetos flavored Burritos.

Mac n’ Cheetos

The Mac n’ Cheetos, which will be exclusive to the Burger King brand, is small rolls of macaroni and cheese which is deep fried in Cheetos dust. They are apparently similar to the Cheetos puffs as you can see from the picture, but the standout factor is that they have a melty interior.

Cheetos Burritos

Meanwhile, the association of Cheetos with Taco Bell is going to give us Cheetos Burritos. The initial test of the product will happen in Cincinnati and it will be sold for $1.

With all these associations, Cheetos is clearly having its moment under the limelight. And from what we know, maybe we could see some more fast food items getting ‘cheetosed’ in the near future.

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