Nothing like a healthy and delicious breakfast post your early morning workout. Pancakes with honey and a few grapes will make you super fresh and give you the perfect start for your day.

  Spring is right around the corner and here’s an ultra healthy Pea Soup to keep you fresh! All you vegetarians should definitely try this one out. It’s quite easy to make; and the best part – HEALTHY.

  Gelato Italiano!

  Caesar Salad; Crunchy & Healthy. Choose from a variety of DIY Salad recipes from our android app. Stay healthy!

  Stumbled upon this photo on Ashley Tisdale‘s facebook page. Breakfast of Champions she called it. Looks very yummy with all the strawberries, blueberries and bananas; but missing some real calories. Try out delicious & healthy recipes for breakfast using the all new Cookbook app on Android.

Who doesn’t like cupcakes? This vanilla & cardamom cupcake is perfect for a spring baking experience. The cupcakes taste as yummy as they look.

  Planning a party? How about making it a backyard barbecue party?! There’s nothing like an evening with a bunch of crazy friends, good music and great food. Priceless moments! Get your barbecue grills outside this summer for a whole range of barbecue thrills and tickles from pork chops to grilled chicken breasts, grilled prawns to spicy lamb…

  What did you have for breakfast today? Nothing like reading the morning news with a filling breakfast. Coupled with ‘black tea or coffee’ is going to make it even more special. This is one of those easy recipes that we love to make. Hardly takes 10 mins to get it ready; and even less…

  How about escaping into a light, creamy, rich dessert just after dinner? The Dark Chocolate Mousse gives you the ultimate joy of a complete meal. Easy to prepare, absolutely chocolicious and sensational..!! Forget love, let’s fall in some chocolate..!

  Evening Tea with your hubby; sounds wonderful doesn’t it? The pic tries to capture the romantic side of having tea with your better half. Having a cup of tea together can be made to look a lot more ‘flamboyant’ that it actually is. It’s all in the ‘presentation’. Set the mood with a couple…

  Another weekend has come around. What are you planning to do tonight? Eating out? For those who are staying indoors, here’s a nice looking Pasta with Indian style sauce. If you’re looking to cook something interesting for your better half, we’ve a set of recipes in our ‘Dinner recipe collection‘ that you could try out….