5 Food Items That Taste Awesome With Ice Cream

It would be hard to find someone out there who doesn’t have a craving for Ice Creams. This is because; Ice Cream makes everything awesome, period. Apart from starting a tsunami inside the mouth, Ice Cream has this unique capability of adding a miraculous taste to other food items.

Ice Cream and Beer

Some Food items taste exceptionally well when eaten with Ice Cream and this list will take a look at them. Once you have completed reading, take that Ice Cream from the refrigerator and start mixing.


Ice Cream and Beer

The combination might sound a bit weird and it is. This will not fit into the appetite of everyone but for some, it would strike tasty chords. Knowing your beer before mixing is highly recommended as certain beers ruin the taste.

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun and Ice Cream

Gulab Jamun is an excellent dish on its own. However, when added to icecream, the level of Awesomeness reaches an extra level. It is just perfect for a desert dish in parties.


Ice cream and Fruits

Fruits like Mango, Pineapple, apple, grapes and anything sweet will work wonders with icecream. The healthy quotient goes up with this mixture as well making it a great option to get the taste buds excited.


Nutella and Ice Cream

Just like Ice Cream, Nutella is a food item that no one can hate. So why not mix them together? The resulting taste is just heavenly. And it is probably the best comfort combination that you could make without wasting much time.


Ice Cream and Jalebi

Saving the best for the last, Jalebi – Ice Cream combination is just out of this world. Jalebi is rich in sweetness and melts in the mouth. Mixing it with Ice Cream adds levels of happiness to the dish.

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