5 Illegal Foods Around The World

Although there are a lot of things that gets banned due to the constraints of law, the assumption out there is that food escapes all these. Well, think again.


There are some strict laws about what to eat and what not to eat on certain countries and this list includes some ridiculous choices as well. The motives of the government that enforces the role might be good after all, but altering the diet of its citizen is a bit out of context isn’t it? With that said, here is a look at some of the Illegal foods around the World.

Samosa is banned in Somalia


Samosa is a delicacy in the Middle Eastern states but when it comes to Somalia, it is an entirely different story. The country claims that Samosas are little too western and has banned the food due to this.

Chewing Gum is banned in Singapore

Chewing Gum

The ban enforced on Chewing gums by Singapore is purely based on cleanliness. The authorities feel that people have a tendency to stick the gum anywhere and thus have made the gums illegal. Tourists however can bring two packets of chewing gums with them, anything above is considered smuggling.

Ketchup is banned in primary schools of France


French authorities feel that Ketchup is a threat to the traditional French cooking and has banned it from use in primary schools. The assumption is that, ketchup masks the taste that French food brings out and stopping the usage from a young age itself is the reason for ban in primary schools.

Beef is illegal in most parts of India


The beef or cow meat to be precise is banned in most of the states in India. The recent ban that was placed in Maharashtra led to some nationwide protest but the ban is still pretty much strong.

Kinder Eggs are banned in United States

Kinder Eggs

The Kinder Eggs, which pack a surprise with every piece, is actually banned in the United States. Having a non-notorious element (the toy) embedded inside is the reason for Kinder Eggs being banned.

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