This airlines apparently has the worst food

Charles Platkin, the director of Hunter College NYC Food Policy Centre, recently did a study on airline food based on the nutritional information he gathered from airlines.

According to him, the Delta airlines had an average calorie count of 480 when Virgin America had around 340. However, the Hawaiian Airlines had the worst record in the study as the food served by them had an average caloric hit of 971.

Meanwhile, the airlines had a view of their own.

“Hawaiian is the only U.S. carrier offering complimentary meals to guests in all cabins. We also proudly offer Hawaii-made snacks and a complimentary Koloa Rum cocktail on every domestic flight. We’re confident travelers choose us because of our authentic Hawaiian hospitality and award-winning customer service. If any of our guests have strict dietary restrictions, they are welcome to bring their own food on board.” The airlines responded to the criticism in a statement given to

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