Algae could solve the food problems of the world

In what prove to be a surprise finding, scientists have found that Algae could be a sustainable food source for humans and animals.

With the global population on the rise and climate changes happening due to food production, there has been a question about meeting the food demands. The new study from Cornell University shows that the cultivation of microalgae could solve the problem.

The algae, after lipid extraction is rich in protein and at the same time, have high nutritious content. At the same time, it only needs fewer places compared to other food sources as far as production is concerned.

“We can grow algae for food and fuels in only one-tenth to one one-hundredth the amount of land we currently use to grow food and energy crops. We can relieve the pressure to convert rainforests to palm plantations in Indonesia and soy plantations in Brazil.” Charles Greene, earth sciences professor and lead author of the study said.

Apart from this, it could also be used as a fuel, which is always good news.

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