Bodybuilding: Food Items you should avoid

Bodybuilding takes a lot of effort. You have to put in hours
of workout and at the same time, you will have to keep a control on what goes
into your system and what doesn’t.

We are going to take a look at the latter category here and
list down some food items that you should avoid if you are trying to get the
perfect body.

  1. Deep
    Fried Food:
    Deep Fried Food items can promote inflammation which is bad for
    the cause. These include fried fish, French fries, onion rings, chicken strips
    and also cheese curd.
  2. Added
    : While added sugar offers calories, the nutrients that they offer are
    less. This imbalance can derail your efforts. Candy, cookies, doughnuts, ice
    cream, cake and soda falls in this list.
  3. Alcohol:
    Alcohol can negatively affect your ability to build muscles and lose fat. Consuming
    in excess can also lead to many other health issues.

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