How Brexit will affect the Foodies in UK

The exit of theĀ United Kingdom from the European Union has been all over the news for the past few days. While all aspects of life have been covered by this huge political shift, the impact that it will have on the foodies is something that is less explored.

And if you think that Brexit is not going to impact the food business, think again.

The price hike and Native Foods

The first major problem that Britain will face is a price hike. The farmer used to get good support from EU earlier but now that UK is no longer part of the EU, this will be cut off. Similarly, the drop in the value of British pounds will also contribute to the spike in the price of food items.

Secondly, EU had a safeguarding of Native foods, which meant that certain food items like scotch and stilton cheese were only allowed to be sold only after proper formalities. Now that the

Brexit is bad news for foodies as well

With Brexit, anyone could sell scotch without getting penalized in the process. This is going to give rise to a lot of unauthentic food items: always a nightmare for the foodies.

Restaurants might get closed down

The restaurants in the United Kingdom are going to be affected big time by the exit. The industry heavily depends on the immigrant labors from other European Countries. Now that they will have restrictions, these workers might be forced to go back to their own countries.

Finding workers who work cheaply like the immigrants will be a daunting task for the restaurants and combine this with the effect of price hikes, and crashing of pounds and most restaurants might get closed down. They will also incur losses due to the restrictions on tourists.

The case of restaurants set up by European immigrants will be even worse.

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