Burger with noodle bun? Here’s how you can make it

The burger has always been the all-time favourite of American fast food and it’s so famous that people all over the world have strived to create a better version. Though most of them have the basic bread buns and a patty, this version of Ramen Noodle┬áHamburger is off the chart.


Let’s see how to create these fantastic noodle buns. Firstly, cook some ramen to which you must add a beaten egg with salt and pepper to taste. After that add the ramen to a muffin tin and use another muffin tin to compress them. Leave the tin to chill for about a twenty minutes.

Your noodle buns are now ready! Now add in your favourite fillers. I would recommend adding slowly cooked pork patties, vegetables, and lemon juice sauce.

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