This cafeteria fired their worker for giving free food for students

A cafeteria worker at the Ohio Elementary school has lost his job for giving free food to students who didn’t have lunch money.

Debbi Solsman, who worked in the cafeteria for nearly 14 years, was trying to help the children that didn’t have money, but unfortunately, it backfired for her.

“If they didn’t have enough money in their account, they would get a cheese sandwich instead. The other kids knew when they walked out into the cafeteria why they got the cheese sandwich,” Solsman told WCPO. “There were children that got a free lunch that would come back and say, ‘Miss Debbie, I’m still hungry.’ And you don’t know how many times I heard they didn’t have supper that night.” She said.

Solsmon’s statement has already gained popularity on Social Media and she has got two offers so far.

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