Here is how you can make mutton tender and soft

When cooking mutton, it is important to keep the meat tender and soft so that it is tasted in all its glory. However, it is easier said than done. Certain things need to be perfect in order to keep mutton tender and according to a chef from India, papaya could do the trick.

“In Indian cooking, raw papaya plays a vital role in making mutton tender, secondly, slow cooking and braising are the major factors of keeping it soft.” Chef Amit Bhatia from The Sassy Spoon, Mumbai said to NDTV

Apart from this, getting the marination right is key. Leaving the meat to marinate for a minimum of two to three hours is recommended while six to seven hours would be ideal if you have time to spare. If you don’t want to marinate, you can choose to salt it as well. Slicing the meat also has a huge impact on keeping it tender.