Chinese companies are winning hearts in Egypt during Ramadan Month, here’s how

Dozens of Chinese companies are winning the internet by donating food and holding charity iftar in Cairo during the Ramadan month.

The Chinese companies are winning hearts by donating food during Ramadan Month

A whopping total of 250 food boxes were sent out to the needy by the companies. Apart from this, more than 400 people attended the charity iftar, which is the breaking of Muslims’ fasting.

Over the next fifteen days, the companies are expected to distribute around 2000 boxes of supplies and 5,000 meals for across Egypt. This includes provinces like Cairo, Giza, Fayoum, among many others.

“The banquet is held with the highest level of quality to make the people happy. We thank our Chinese friends and we hope for the continuous cooperation between Egypt and China,” one of the Egyptian officials said.

The event was co-organized by the Chinese Embassy in Egypt and Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

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