Cobra blood is a rare and weird delicacy in Indonesia

VICE Indonesia has revealed a story on how Cobra blood is becoming a delicacy in the nation. It highlighted a woman called Iba Rica who has been dealing with the business for quite some time now.

“No one else in my family wants to touch this business. I’m the bravest of them all.” She says.

Cobra blood is known to hold some health benefits. It can detoxify lungs and blood, cure diabetes and high and low blood pressure according to Rica. And it is also believed to improve one’s sexual performance.

And she claims that a lot of men come to her shop to buy cobra organs and blood just so that they can do well in blood.

“It helps certain people but doesn’t work for others. Since snakes improve stamina, men might last longer in bed. But they are good for skin, that one I can guarantee.” She adds

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