Cocaine is delivered faster than pizza in these countries

If you thought that your pizza delivery was fast, it’s about time you knew about the hard truths behind cocaine delivery in some countries.

According to a new research conducted as part of the Global Drug Survey, it was found that cocaine is delivered faster than pizza in many countries. The top of this list includes Brazil and is followed by Netherlands, Denmark, Colombia, Scotland, England and Czech Republic.

In all these countries, cocaine is delivered to the doorsteps in less than thirty minutes, which is the average delivery time advertised by Pizza outlets.

“Our findings show that drugs are just another commodity, and highlights that in any competitive marketplace a retailer with something to sell will endeavor to break down as many barriers to purchase as possible and beat their competition in customer service. For a drug like cocaine, easier access and rapid delivery may lead some people into using more cocaine more often, and may make it more difficult for some users to control their use.” The study authors noted.

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