Here are a couple of tips to waste less food this Christmas

Another festive season is here. Like always, delicious feasts would be the highlight for the food loves. But rather than overdoing the whole thing, it would be great to reduce the food waste and celebrate with what is needed.

The Worldwide food waste ranges around 1.3 billion tonnes, or about one-third of global production and a good portion of this come in festive seasons like this.

“Foods like meat don’t go bad quickly and they are easy to keep. But chicken, fish and others go bad easily. It is better you buy what you can consume and the rest deep freeze it or give it to those who are needy instead of throwing it away,” a food expert noted.

Preparing shopping list should be done only after deciding what you are going to cook. Doing so can have a large impact rather than going to the market and buying everything you see.

So while you enjoy Christmas this year, keep this couple of small things in mind so that you can contribute to a bigger cause.

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