Dermatologist shuts down food shammer with an awesome response that you should read

Can our food and lifestyle be the reason for all the medical conditions you have? Maybe and maybe not.  When a dermatologist in the UK was accused of eating ice cream and for her laziness to treat acne, she took it an opportunity to make an educative response.

Dr. Anjali Mahto is a dermatologist who not only helps other people with acne and skin problems but has acne herself. Here’s what a follower in Instagram commented when Anjali posted a picture of ice cream she was just about to dive in.

“No wonder you get such terrible acne. So much sugar and dairy all the time,” the message read. “Cocktails, ice cream….oil. Ugh. Prescribing is the easy route but at the end of the day laziness around lifestyle choices just won’t help, no matter what any dermatologist says.”


The doctor took this opportunity to teach about acne and they’re underlying causes.

“This is not okay. Acne is a medical problem, largely down to hormones and genetics — it is not a lifestyle [problem] caused by ice-cream on a hot day. Blaming and judging people for their skin disease on dietary choices is unacceptable.”

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