Did you know about this new healthy Avocado drink from Starbucks?

Avocado is one of the healthy eats. Combine your favorite wake up call (Coffee) with avocado’s to have a taste of crazy. Starbucks is now selling Avocado Frappucino but there’s a bad news. They only sell it in South Korea!


So if you’re planning a business trip or vacation in Korea then I suggest you take a sip of this delicious drink in Starbucks. The truth is this popular drink was brought three years ago. But due to its popularity has again got a spot back in the menu. This drink has a brother called Cool Pineapple Fizzio which is also available.

The Avocado Frappuccino has a dark green rim which mimics a real avocado and contains a chocolate pit in the center. It look’s like a real avocado waiting to be dived into.