Donald Trump: Did the President dump KFC for healthier food?

We all know that once Donald Trump is on the Air Force One, he likes to divulge into either KFC chicken bucket or a Big Mac from Macdonald.

For those who didn’t know it might be a big shock. With him being the president we would think that he was eating extravagant dinners from the finest cuisine restaurants. Instead, he eats pizza and drinks 12 cans of diet coke a day.


During his flight to London though it seems that his menu has changed.  It seems that the president is on a diet.  Here is what he eats on board Air Force One now.

Trump’s menu:

Cucumber Thai salad, a medley of cucumbers, radishes, spicy red chillis, chopped peanuts, basil, cilantro, and mint, tossed in a homemade vinaigrette.  Thai baked salmon fillet, baked in sweet chili sauce over a bed of jasmine rice. Tarte lemon bar, topped with crunchy shortbread crumbles.


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