Easter Bruch Recipes to Try Out This Year

Are you trying to figure out the best brunch choice for the Easter Day? If you are, take a break from all the head scratching and take the notebook out. There are a plethora of dishes out there which would work wonders as an Easter dish. And since there is a lot to choose from, we are here to make the process easy. Read on to find some of the easiest yet tastiest Easter Brunch recipes that you should try out this year.

Blueberry Muffins
Image from: Driscolls.com

Blueberry Muffins are a classic choice for Easter brunch. They come with some great blueberries (as the name suggests by the way), some tasty sugar crust and a good old cakey crumb. If cooked right, they could just melt in the mouth and give you a heavenly experience. Get the recipe here.

Banana Bread with chocolate melting
Image from: Deelishdish.typepad.com

This one is for the bread lovers out there. The Banana Bread with chocolate melting takes the regular banana bread and adds a chocolaty twist to it. Being able to see the marbled chocolate while cutting a loaf is sure to make the day. At the same time, the banana and chocolate compliments each other perfectly. Get the recipe here.

Spinach- Chees Strata
Image From: agardenforthehouse.com

After all the sweet ones, let’s move on to some savory dish shall we? And what better way to do it other than with a strata. Technically a bread pudding with cheese, breads and spinach, the strata is a dish that matches the Easter mood. The flexibility of being able to cook the day before Easter makes the strata more impressive. Get the recipe here.

Cheddar Bread Pudding with Savory Sausage
Image from: onceuponachef.com

From one bread pudding to another, the Cheddar Bread pudding with Savory sausage is a dish which could serve a crowd. The dish is known for its rich golden crust which covers the creamy interior. The crispiness in the crust acts as the best barrier possible to the creamy layer as well. Get the recipe here.

Caramel French Toast
Image From: Yummly.com

How about some booze to cap things off? For the sake of keeping it clean on Easter, it also has some parts of bread pudding and French toast along with the booze. It is clearly going to be a hit with the men and wouldn’t fail to impress the women out there. Get the recipe here.

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