If you are over-eaten, here are the food items you should eat

It’s common for foodies to reach a stage where they are over-eaten and yet has the urge to eat more. Well, if you have stumbled across such a situation, then below are some food items that you should consider eating.


This is probably a well-known fact. Pineapple comes with enzymes which help the digestion process and in turn helping you to clear up your stomach easily.


Similar to Pineapple, Papaya also has enzymes that help breaking down proteins in the process of digestion.


Water is a magical potion that we overlook most of the time. Water can help you keep hydrated which is essential when your body is busy digesting all the food items that you have eaten.

Beans and pulses

Beans and pulses have the capability of forming gel with water inside the stomach due to the presence of fibers in them. This in turn could reduce the chances of constipation despite the large intake of food.

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