Every house in Britain wastes £700 of food a year, how to avoid this

With the concerns about food wastage increasing at an alarming rate, new studies have found that every house in Britain wastes about £700 of food a year.

The study was conducted by supermarket chain Sainsbury’s and the food wasted calculates to six meals per week. It also suggested that a major portion of the food could be saved from being wasted by simply turning down the temperature of the fridge.

“First and foremost, planning is key. Know what meals you’ll be having in the week ahead and make a shopping list.  Likewise, organising your fridge can help remind you what items need using up, and can even help foods last longer. Fruit and veg should stay in the crisper drawer, while the bottom shelves are ideal for uncooked meats and fish. It’s warmer at the top of the fridge so keep things like diary, preserves and dressings here, and use the middle for cooked meats and leftovers.” The chain suggested.

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