Food Allergies: 5 Shocking Facts you should know

Food Allergies are not a joke. They can be quite serious if not handled properly but at the same time, some facts related to them are quite fascinating as well.

We will be listing down five such facts related to Food Allergies that you probably did not know.

  • One in 10 adults in America has the condition: That is 32 Million Americans with the condition to be precise. Apart from these, around 5.6 million children are also sensitive to a long list of food items.
  • Eight Food items that cause the most: While there is a long list of food items that can cause food allergy, eight food items in particular cause the most. They are Milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, fish, and shellfish.
  • The rates are rising: If you think that these allergies are going away soon, think again. In fact, the rates are actually on the rise and saw a jump of 3% in the past ten years.
  • The economic impact: As we noted in the start, having an allergy is not a joke. A lot of American families are financially strained due to the same as some studies have found that American families spend a cumulative amount of around $4.3 billion annually in direct expenses related to such diseases.
  • Allergy and Bullying: If allergy was not enough, studies have found that 32% of kids with allergies are bullied at least once.

While most allergies out there cannot be cured, there are certain ones that can be fended off. You can get in touch with your doctor to find out more.

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