Here is how Food companies set expiry date to their products

Food wastage around the world is increasing at an alarming rate. Food worth billions of dollars are being wasted every year in one part of the society when there are millions out there that do not even get a proper meal.

Expiry date

One of the major factors that affect this food wastage is the expiry date on the food items. The chance of the food getting wasted increases as we move towards this expiry date. But the question here is: how do the companies come up with these dates? Well, there are different methods to do this:

Microbial Challenge Studies

This process is usually carried out by the big companies out there. They have special departments for their and the people in that department inject the food item with microorganisms that might trigger some reaction. The food item then goes into storage where it undergoes the major changes that might happen in an actual storage situation. The scientists then take out the food items, conduct tests and then set the expiry date.

Mathematical modelling

This mathematical model relies on the previously attained statistics from the Microbial Challenge Studies. The modelling could be done based on the date which the food producer gives such as the moister content, the nature of food etc. The modelling is less precise in comparison to the earlier technique.

Static Check

In static check, the food item is placed in a storage without making any change. It is then forced to undergo the changes that it will likely undergo during its shelf time. The food items are periodically checked to know the limit at which the food becomes unhealthy.


This method is the least accurate one from the list but at the same time, this is easier for small companies. Here, the food producers set the expiry date based on the longevity of the same food products from their competitors. Some might even rely on reference materials or ask experts.

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