The food items that you need for an Italian Christmas feast

All of us have different ways of celebrating Christmas. While some chose traditional celebrations, others would be looking to mix things up a bit. And if you are in search of something different for this Christmas, then why not try an Italian Christmas feast.

The Italian people come up with some interesting choices when it comes to their menu for Christmas and below are the things you would need.

Sea food

The evening meal on Christmas is usually based on fish. The Grilled eel is considered to be one of the traditions for the occasion.


The popularity of Turkey is on the rise when it comes to being served on Christmas and it could be the influence of American culture.


How can we celebrate Italian food without Pasta? This is a no-brainer inclusion simply due to this fact.

Veal or ox

These are usually served as alternatives to the poultry food items. But if you want, then a combination of both could make the tummy even happier.


The craving for sweet is what gets pastry in the list. Honey-covered dough balls and chestnut tortellis are two of the most classic dishes to try out.

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