These Food Meditation sessions are making headlines for the right reasons

Mediating can be a great way to get relief from stress. And what if Food is also involved?

Ananda Anand from Delhi, India has come up with food medication sessions which aim to make one relieved from the headaches of life. Started around five years ago, the sessions have been gathering popularity.

“It is like welcoming ourselves to food. We introduce real food to people, i.e food is grown in areas where there is fresh water and air. We then present ourselves to this food,” he said.

Anand was a former businessman and had later moved on to become an Osho Sanyaasi back in 1995.

“In today’s busy lifestyle, most people tend to slip into a semi-conscious state of eating after the first few bites; mobiles and televisions have our attention while we eat. Once they start mindful eating, people have reported deep relaxation, insights into their personalities and immense gratitude to God.” He adds.

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