Food ‘Share Tables’ are the new trends in school

Cultivating a culture of not wasting food from a young age itself is important. And this is why the ‘Share Table’ initiatives in the school are so important. The newly started program lets students in schools share their unwanted food on the table, which can then be used by the needy.

The major problem that the food share tables are facing now is that most of the food items that the students use right now are packaged in the lunch room itself, which in turn cannot be shared.

But students who do not have lunch or snacks are open to making use of the tables.

“Students that are maybe less fortunate than others, don’t have a lunch or a snack at school lunch, they can come up and take fruit or we’ve seen things like chips and yogurt come off the tables. So they’re free to take anything that they want off the table.” A student told.

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