Food Tales: Cooking For Your Loved Ones

You wait for Valentine’s Day to cook for your Love; you wait for Mother’s day to cook for your Mother. Why?

Why Wait for a special day for your Loved Ones?

Is the love for your special ones just confined to a day in the calendar? Or is it just the habit of following the bandwagon of everything that happens around? Either way, ever thought about cooking dinner for your loved one on the random day.

(Okay, not for the people who regularly cook dinner).

I mean, think about it. There is a big difference being obvious and making them feel special. Taking some time out of your busy life might sound like a big deal. But what drives you forward is your family.

At the end of the day, every penny you earn is to keep your family happy right? So why not take some time out for seeing the smiling faces of your loved ones?

The next obvious question is what to cook. Though making a choice sounds like a big deal, it isn’t. There are a lot of easy dishes that could please your tummy and at the same time, doesn’t need any master’s degree to cook.

The Shrimp Lovers can try out the Shrimp with Tomatoes recipe. You could get help to cut the tomatoes and come up with a joyful atmosphere in the kitchen. Spicy Salmon with Bok Choy and Rice is another great option.

If you are lazy to read out all the ingredients in the other recipes, then there is the Three-ingredient baked chicken. And for the vegetarians out there, Chipotle Bean Burritos is a good choice as well. You could get a lot of similar dishes in The Cookbook application.

No matter which recipe you pick, the point is to add your love to it. You don’t need a special day to love someone and you clearly don’t need a special day to make anyone happy. So go out there and cook something for your loved one today itself.

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