Food tips for people who are planning to run a marathon

Running a marathon is not a cake walk. It’s hard to jump out of bed and go running as Marathon requires some good preparations unless you don’t want to gas out and get stuck in the middle.

Having the right food intake is equally important as keeping your body fit while preparing for a marathon and there are certain tips that could be useful if you are planning to run a marathon and you can read them below.

  • Don’t eat during training: There is a common misconception that eating during training can improve the performance. But doing so can cause abdominal problems and nausea, which is something that we want to stay away from.
  • Get Vitamin D – Bone strength is one of the most important things that you need to run a marathon and Vitamin D helps to achieve the same. Vitamin D can be found in food items such as sardines, calf’s liver, eggs and cod liver.
  • Iron and magnesium – In taking food with iron and magnesium is important. The deficiency of these minerals can lead to a lot of problems such as fatigue, muscle spasms and anxiety.

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