This guy has been banned from giving food to the homeless

Giving food to the homeless is considering to be a noble gesture. But Riki James has been banned from doing so. The 53-year-old had set up the Birmingham homeless outreach back in 2010 and used to patrol the city at nights with food or the homeless along with his band of 300 volunteers.

The City’s council chiefs have banned him from distributing food like this as they feel that giving food to people near the markets could lead to anti-social behavior and also read to rubbish being left around the area.

“Where’s the harm in feeding them. We are feeding 40-50 homeless a night in that area but I think it’s because it’s near Christmas and they don’t want them around while people are shopping. Now they will have to walk and try and find us. We have around 10-15 volunteers each night and we split up into groups of four or five and walk around the city centre helping where we can.” James said.

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