This guy got a tattoo to show his love for KFC

There are people who love KFC and then there are people who love KFC so much that they get a tattoo for it.

Okay, maybe the second category might be a bit slim, but an Australian guy named Tom Fletcher belongs to this list. He seems to be in love with the KFC burgers so much that he got a tattoo on him for the same.

“After spending countless days and money in your KFC outlets I could not express how much your zinger stacker has [influenced] my life. I decided that I need to spread the word and confess my love for your delicious golden spicy burger and get a tattoo of the one thing that means the most to me,” reads the post.

He even posted his update on the official Facebook page of KFC Asia and has a long list of foodies backing him. You can see his post below.

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