Healthy food is actually cheaper than Junk food in UK

There is a misconception that Healthy food is costlier than the junk food items that we get. But a new study has shown that the supermarkets in UK offer healthy food cheaply when compared to junk food.

The data published by Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) has shown that healthy food is more economic. The study made use of prices offered by Asda and Tesco on different food items and founded that the healthier options are cheaper.

“A diet of muesli, rice, white meat, fruit and vegetables is much cheaper than a diet of Coco Pops, ready meals, red meat, sugary drinks and fast food. The idea that poor nutrition is caused by the high cost of healthy food is simply wrong. People are prepared to pay a premium for taste and convenience,” Chris Snowdon, the report’s author and head of lifestyle economics at the IEA, said.

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