Healthy food items that cause harmful effect if consumed too much

If you think engulfing all those healthy food is going to make you healthy, think again. There are limits to everything and this applies to eating Healthy food as well. Eating such items to an extent could work wonders. But excess consumption can lead to many problems. Below are some healthy foods and their side effects if consumed too much.


Throughout the history, Milk has been known as a healthy food item. It is a rich source of calcium and vitamins. But if consumed too much, Milk could lead to a boost in inflammation. It also improves the risk of bone breakage.


Cinnamon consumed in large qualities could result in liver toxicity. It has rich antioxidents and lowers blood sugar if eaten in a healthy manner.


Tomatoes in moderation are a great source for vitamins. It also has manganese and potassium content. Excessive consumption leads to more acidic content in the body which can lead to many other problems


Soya works well if you want to keep a tab on blood pressure and cholesterol. The problem with this would be the inhibition of iron absorption. This could lead to anemia if soya is consumed in large quantities.


Spinach is known to be a healthy food item and the cult cartoon character Popeye stamped this fact. But the Oxalate content in spinach could lead to formation of kidney stones.

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