Heineken might be taken to the court in Mexico, here’s why

Dutch beer giants Heineken could be taken to the court in Mexico. This is due to their Desperados beer which was claimed to be flavored with tequila. Lab tests, however, show that the beer does not have tequila in it, which in turn, has landed Heineken in trouble.

Mexico’s Consejo Regulador del Tequila (CRT), also known as the Tequila Regulatory Council could take the matter to court as they don’t want Heineken to ruin Tequila’s prestige.

“We cannot permit someone unscrupulously to affect tequila’s prestige. Either they take the word tequila off it, or they put some tequila in. [If they refuse], we’ll have no choice but to fight this.” Ramón González, CRT’s director-general, told the Financial Times.

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