Here are some facts you need to know before drinking whiskey

It’s easy to gulp down a glass of whiskey and get high. But the real fun lies in being classy and respecting the drink.

There are some facts that you need to know before you start drinking

Then again, without the right knowledge, it’s hard to pull off such classiness. For instance, there are some facts that you need to know before drinking whiskey and we are going to list them down below:

  • Even a drop of water can impact the drink: If you thought that a drop of water does not have much impact, think again. Adding a few drops of water to the drink can bring down its alcohol level down to 30-35%.
  • Adding Ice is not the best idea: Whiskey with ice might be popular but it’s proven that chilled drink is a better option. Several types of research have shown that adding ice to your drink might actually ruin it.
  • Smell your drink: Smelling your whiskey before drinking it can make it taste better. The process is called nosing in case you were wondering.

So next time you get ready to have a drinking session, keep these facts in mind.

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