Here’s the reason why you should not keep Tomatoes in refrigerators

Keeping our precious vegetables in the refrigerator is something that all of us do. But next time you are going to do this, try to keep tomatoes out of the cold storage.

The researchers have come up with the conclusion that keeping tomatoes in lower temperatures could lead to a loss of flavor. These researches were carried out after discovering that fresh tomatoes have more flavor than the chilled ones.

Enzymes gets hampered

And when the results came in, it showed that anything below 12 degrees Celsius, or 53.6 degrees Fahrenheit cause problems to the enzymes in the fruit.

These enzymes, if kept in such temperatures, are less effective in combining compounds. While keeping in fridge could lead to a fresher look, the flavor gets lost.

“Commercial tomatoes are widely perceived by consumers as lacking flavor. A major part of that problem is a post-harvest handling system that chills fruits. Low-temperature storage is widely used to slow ripening and reduce decay,” they wrote, adding that for tomatoes, this results in “reduced flavor quality,” the study said.

The study also found that the taste of the tomato comes from the interaction of sugars, acids and other volatile compounds.

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