Here’s the relationship between eating cashew nuts and gaining weight

Does eating cashew nuts result in weight gain? It’s a puzzling question and the foodies are often split on this issue. Some suggest that eating cashew nuts does result in weight gain when others suggest that it doesn’t.

According to an India-based nutritionist, Cashew nuts do not cause weight gain unless it is consumed beyond a limit.

“Cashew nuts do not cause weight gain unless they are eaten in excess. They are high in calories, which is why cashews have a certain reputation, but if mixed with a handful of other nuts like almond, walnut, raisin, et al, they wouldn’t affect much, considering you are eating them in a small quantity. I would also suggest eating roasted plain cashews rather than salted and fried ones.” She notes.

There is a healthy side of cashew nuts as well. It is rich in Omega 3 Acids along with vitamins and minerals necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

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