Ireland has a famous Gin made from milk

Most of the gins that we come across are made from grains. But the Bertha’s Revenge Irish Milk Gin is different.

It is made using the whey which we get while making cheese. The whey is brewed and yeast is added before the distillation process happens. The ABV contend is increased with multiple distillations and finally, at 96 percent alcohol, the whey is bought.

It is then distilled at the cowshed distillery at Ballyvolane for the third time along with some special botonicals from Ballyvolane.

“People might be a little bit put off by the milk factor, but just try It.” owner-operator of Ballyvolane Guesthouse and co-founder of Bertha’s Revenge, Justin Green told Munchies.

It is one of those special drinks that need to be tried out if you are in mood for trying something different.

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