Did you know that the favorite food of Cristiano Ronaldo is an unhealthy one?

Cristiano Ronaldo is all over the news these days thanks to a bizarre looking sculpture of his. The Portuguese footballing superstar was the subject of a lot of internet memes due to the issue, but we are not entering the area.

Instead, we will be taking a look at what Ronaldo loves to eat.

Being a top athlete, it is important to keep a tab on what you eat, but according to Ronaldo’s mother, the favorite dish of Ronaldo is the Portuguese Bacalhau à Brás. The dish is known to be an unhealthy one and Ronaldo’s National Team head Chef Hélio Loureiro also commented about his love for the dish once.

“Cristiano Ronaldo follows a strict healthy diet without abusing on calories, that’s the reason why he can only indulge himself with bacalhau à brás from time to time. Apart from that he is not very demanding with his food and he eats everything the nutritionists put in his plate.” Helio noted.