This meal kit allows you to make nutritious baby food at home

Food startup ‘Thistle’ has launched a new meal kit that allows us to make nutritious baby food at home. Named ‘Thistle Baby meal Kits’, the new idea aims at the busy parents who wants to give healthy food for their babies.

“When I became a mom, I would buy things at the grocery and feel like they were not up to my quality standards all the time. Even a lot of the healthier options are over-processed, pureed, with a watery consistency. They also don’t taste like real fruits or veggies. And you’re left wondering how long this has been on the shelf and in what kind of conditions.” Shiri Avnery, co-founder of the start-up said.

The meal kit is designed in such a way to give the health and taste benefits of homemade, organic and gluten-free baby food for the babies and it consists of vacuum sealed bags with organic ingredients.

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