MSG is actually good for you according to this new study

A new study apparently shows that Monosodium Glutamate or popularly known as MSG, is nothing to be afraid of. The study suggests that we can use MSG as a super salt in food and it apparently does not have any bad impact like we assumed for a long time.

Steve Witherly, a food scientist, that made the claim came up with a ‘super salt’ from MSG and says that it’s healthy.

“I like to encourage my kids to eat a little healthier, so I’ll sprinkle a little supersalt in there. That stuff is really powerful. For example, I had a whole-wheat pizza – and my kids hate whole-wheat – so I put a little supersalt in the tomato sauce, and they sucked that whole thing down. Broccoli is tremendous if you add butter, garlic, and supersalt,” he told.

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