NASA developing food bar for astronauts

The fact that Astronauts cannot eat our regular menu in space is well-known. And this is why NASA Is currently developing a ‘food bar’ that could serve as a great breakfast for the astronauts.

The idea behind the food bar is to reduce the weight of the capsules that go to space. Reducing weight requires lesser fuel and these food bars will be crucial for this.

Four flavors

The bars, which come in four flavors, banana nut, orange cranberry, ginger vanilla and barbeque nut could be used as a replacement for the current meals. They can also be used on journeys to the moon or even Mars.

“When you have 700 to 900 calories of something, it’s going to have some mass regardless of what shape it’s in, so we’ve taken a look at how to get some mass savings by reducing how we’re packaging and stowing what the crew would eat for breakfast for early Orion flights with crew,” Jessica Vos, deputy health and medical technical authority for Orion, said.

The bars also have multi-year shelf life which is also a great thing when you go to space.

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