New study suggests that it was illegal food trade that made Nazis catch Anne Frank

In what proves to be a controversial finding, the latest studies have revealed that Nazis might’ve caught Anne Frank over Illegal food trade.

The Nazi raid at the hiding place of Anne Frank has been a cause of debate for a long time and it was assumed that Anne and her family were found as a result of betrayal. But this new study completely flips the story.

The study was conducted by The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam and below is what they revealed.

“The question has always been: Who betrayed Anne Frank and the others in hiding? This explicit focus on betrayal, however, limits the perspective on the arrest.  Anne Frank’s diary did provide an interesting new clue. Beginning on March 10, 1944, she repeatedly wrote about the arrest of two men who dealt in illegal ration cards. She calls them ‘B’ and ‘D,’ referring to the salesmen Martin Brouwer and Pieter Daatzelaar. B. and D. have been caught, so we have no coupons,” Anne Frank wrote on March 14, 1944. This clearly indicates that the people in hiding got at least part of their ration coupons from these salesmen. A company where people were working illegally and two sales representatives were arrested for dealing in ration coupons obviously ran the risk of attracting the attention of the authorities. While searching for people in hiding, fraud with ration coupons could be detected since they were often dependent on clandestine help. Yet, “until now the assumption related to this matter” has always been that agents working for the occupation “were specifically looking for Jews in hiding” when they raided the hiding place. Despite decades of research, betrayal as a point of departure has delivered nothing conclusive. The investigation “does not refute the possibility that the people in hiding were betrayed, but illustrates that other scenarios should also be considered.”

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