Pamela Anderson has a message for the foodies out there


Actress Pamela Anderson has been pretty active on her blog lately. Recently, she was seen cooking in a migrant camp and now, she is back making the headlines. In her latest blog post, Anderson has asked the foodies to go vegan.

She laid down a long essay on how we should save our environment and animals by giving up our urge to eat meat. Below is what she noted on her blog.

The politics of food in capitalism,
neoliberal society,
and cruelty against animals –
also food production,
state responsibility re lives of people,
and the environment.

I often think, about how many people are reluctant to consider veganism.

This is because they feel veganism is people telling them what they
can and cannot do.

Many people who are are reluctant to consider veganism are actuallynatural vegans, but they do not know it.

They do not realize that veganism is part of a larger way of life.

Part of a larger movement to reform not just the way we treat animals,

but the way we treat the world we live on and each other.

Vegans understand that the meat industry is one part of a bigger

system – the fake food industry.Ending the meat industry is part of a larger effort – to end the fake food industry.

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