This Reddit confession from a Subway employee will surprise you

It’s not always good to hear confessions from people who work at restaurants. Even though they might be telling the truth, certain things would be hard to digest for us and we might not see the restaurant in the same way again.

And this will be the case once you read the following confession that a Subway employee made on Reddit.

I work at a Subway. If you’re not going to a busy store (say, near a major tourist attraction, sports stadium, or festival) don’t get the harvest bread, since it usually sits around for days. On an average day at my store in a boring mid-sized city, we bake:

  • 10-12 batches (100-120 loaves) each of Italian and Herbs and Cheese and run through those pretty quickly (within 6-8 hours unless it’s overnight).

  • About 4-5 batches (40-50 loaves) of Wheat and Honey Oat, and we’re also usually rid of those within the same time frame, but on a rare occasion they last about 24 hours.

  • One batch (10 loaves) of harvest bread when the need arises, which is only about once a week or so.

  • Flatbread isn’t baked in store: it’s pre-made and defrosted the night before or first thing in the morning… it’s not really the freshest thing but it doesn’t really go stale like regular bread does… but that’s also why we suggest toasting it.

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