Is it safe to eat fruits on an empty stomach?

The first thing you eat in the morning has a huge role to play in how healthy you are. Some things should be kept away at all cost while some other food items offer the best benefits when consumed on an empty stomach.

But what about fruits?

Fruits are generally considered to be healthy. But is it safe to eat fruits on an empty stomach?

“There is no such good or bad time for eating fruits. They are healthy and nutritious, hence are good at almost any point of the day. You can have them on empty stomach, or after a meal. If you have had a heavy meal, it is advisable to keep a slight gap.” An Indian Nutritionist noted.


At the same time, there are certain fruits that should not be consumed in the morning. For instance, having fruits like Orange and guava in the morning can slow you down since the fibers in them take more time to digest. 

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