Squid and Chips could overcome Fish and chips in popularity

The popularity of fish and chips is sky high. It is an easily recognizable food combination but now, we are in the verge of seeing a slight change in the trend.

After being combined with fish for a long time, chips could now be combined with squids.

And in case you were wondering the reason; its climate change.

“UK consumers enjoy eating quite a limited range of seafood, but in the long term we will need to adapt our diets. In 2025 and beyond, we may need to replace cod and other old favourites with warm-water species such as squid, mackerel, sardine and red mullet,” Dr. John Pinnegar, a marine climate change researcher at Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (Cefas) said to Mashable.

Cefas has numbers to back up the claim and the date revealed that the number of squids have increased drastically while the number of cods have gone down.

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