After Tesco, McDonald’s staff stops customer from buying food for homeless

A few weeks back, Tesco was under the limelight for stopping customers from buying food for the homeless people, and now, McDonald’s is in the news for the same reason.

McDonald’s restaurant in Stockholm has been accused of not allowing customers to buy food for the homeless.

“He who was responsible that evening said I was not allowed to buy [food] for him. How can McDonald’s deny a person like me who earns their own money and chooses to give another human being food? What happened to Sweden’s fairness and human rights?” asked Vijaya Mårtensson who wanted to buy food for the homeless.

McDonald’s meanwhile came out with a statement and said that the situation went out of hands and had disturbed other customers

“In this particular case, the man who was going to get the food had been asked to leave the restaurant because he had been bothering our guests for hours and on several occasions tried to steal food from seated guests, which many had complained about,” A senior supervisor noted.