Things to remember during the Easter Feast

This technically doesn’t belong to the recipe category but since a foodie should know how to eat, when to eat and what to eat, here goes. Easter has been synonymous with family feasts ever since its inception and knowing what to do and what not to do in during the Easter weekend could be a real life saver.

Things to remembering during the moutwatering Easter Feast

The table is surely going to be packed with some exciting food and instead of just jumping in and eating everything; the entire weekend should be well planned. So here are some of the things that everyone should keep in mind during the Easter feast.

Keep it Simple

There will always be a temptation to fill the table with some never before seen recipes. This is a great idea on random weekends but on the Easter one, the best thing would be to keep the menu simple. Going traditional and depending on the basics is highly recommended as you wouldn’t want to screw up a good old Easter Weekend with the family.

Forget the diet, partially

If you are on strict diet to shed some weight, prepare to forget about it for Easter. It would be hard to keep up with such a schedule in a celebration like this and wouldn’t look good on family grounds. Keeping the diet apart for some time is a good thing indeed but at the same time, it should not be forgotten completely. Keep a partial tab on the diet will help to maintain a good health and at the same time would help one to enjoy the feast.

Never say no

Following up on the earlier point of diet; never say no to a food that was offered. It is easy to say no to something you don’t like or something that is not on your diet plans but it could have an inverse impact on the family ambiance. So even if you have some problems with the food that was offered, give it a try. Who knows, you might love it after all.

Water is the key

There is going to be some heavy eating on the Easter weekend and you should have enough water in your system to digest the entire thing. Drink plenty of water after the food and don’t let your body get dehydrated at any point over the weekend.

Save candy for the end

Candy is probably the best attraction on Easter feasts. It would be hard to find people who don’t love candy and if you are one of those candy lovers, have patience. Just like we keep deserts for the climax, save candies as well. Enjoying the sweetness after a rich feast would be just perfect rather than giving up to the urge.

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