Here is a tip on how to send food back in restaurants

There will be situations where you order food at restaurants but end up being unhappy about what you are served.

While some of us would remain silent and eat the food that is either overcooked/undercooked or messed up, others tend to send the food back. It’s important to threat lightly while sending the food that was given to you as it could have a huge impact on your whole dining experience.

Being polite is the key. As humans we are bound to make mistakes every now and then and this is why the prepared food sometimes goes off the map. You can try the following sentence next time you want to send a food back.

“I’m sorry/Excuse me, but these noodles are overcooked/this cheese is too salty for my taste/insert your problem here.”

On almost all of the occasions, you are going to get a sorted out dish and an apology. If you don’t then you can either refuse to pay for the uneaten meal or you can eat what you got and ask for a discount in the bill.

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