Want your children to grow food? Here are five tips that you should know

Letting your children have their own garden is a good habit. With the food safety issues poking up at every corner of the world, teaching your children to grow their own food could be something that would make them stand out in the near future.

Michael Kelly, who has been working closely with schools to make children have their own garden, has five tips that parents should keep note.

  • Kids love sowing seeds (or indeed anything that involves getting their hands dirty). Bigger seeds like those from peas, beans, squashes, pumpkins and courgettes are easier for younger children to handle.
  • Give kids some autonomy in the veg patch. Give them a dedicated raised bed or part of a bed for them to experiment with. Let them grow what they want to grow.
  • Encourage them to grow fruit and vegetables that are fast growing so that they see a quick return. Radishes are a good example. Runner beans and sunflowers will get tall quickly. Get them to measure themselves against the plants each week.
  • Encourage them to sample crops out in the veg patch. They will love grazing on sweet carrots, tomatoes, strawberries and peas, and it will help develop their palette.
  • The top GIY activities for kids are sowing seeds, digging and watering. Basically, the messier the job, the more they will love it.

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